What Would Veronica Mars Do? By Heather Novak

veronica_mars_tv_series-976852766-largeThe rumors are true! Twelve years late, I have finally jumped on the Veronica Mars bandwagon. I mean I jumped on, strapped in, and put on my helmet. Thanks to my wonderful Amazon Prime membership (my precious), I get to watch the entire series for free. THE ENTIRE SERIES.

It all started unsuspectingly on Labor Day weekend. I busted out the pilot and grabbed a bag of popcorn and settled in for a good episode. I had heard about the series in Kristen Ashely’s book Rock Chick Regret and figured I’d check it out.


I want to be Veronica Mars when I grow up…even though I’m twice her age now…
I love her as a character. She’s spunky, young, brave enough to be stupid, and vulnerable enough to fall in love with. Also, her outfits are so cute and I don’t care that they’re early 2000’s, I’d wear them now.

The entire series is a good character study. It’s nice to see the big show arcs and how they pan out, as well as the episode arcs. When watching a series, this is a good thing to study since it’s like a book.

Consider this: Each chapter needs its own arc, each book needs its own arc, and finally, a book series needs an overall arc. It is the same with a television show.

Veronica Mars is an awesome show to watch for this example because there is so much of it available at once. You can watch all three seasons, then the movie, and don’t forget the books! And don’t forget the web series.

This allows an in-depth study of characters, as well as overall themes! At least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves when we’re on hour 14 of our binge watch…oh, is that just me? Well then, okay. *Clicks play for next episode*

But why do we love Veronica Mars so much? A teen detective doesn’t sound that fun…

Oh, but it is. With the whip-snap humor of Psych, the drama of Buffy, a few big murder mysteries, and just enough teen angst to get even my fiance to join me on the couch to watch, it’s the perfect blend of suspense, humor, and love to get your heart thudding faster. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone ever guest starred in this show!

This month I’ve been asking, “What would Veronica Mars do?”
She would watch more Veronica Mars.

Stay awesome, Nights of Passion.

On this day in 1928 – Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin in the mold Penicillium notatum.

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One Response to What Would Veronica Mars Do? By Heather Novak

  1. Anne-Maree says:

    I can never watch just one episode… I always catch myself loading up the next disk! I adore the show

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