How We Change

My son has this book called What to do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada. I love this book. We’ve been reading it for over a year at this point and admittedly, when I first starting reading it, I don’t think my son got it. Perhaps too young or perhaps he got it but not in the way I got it.

For those of you who haven’t read it (spoiler alert***) it is about a little kid who has an idea and he personifies it but at the same time it makes sense because we all do this with our own ideas. At first he thinks it is weird and nobody will like it (been there done that, huh?) and then he keeps thinking about it and basically it grows on him.

What I love about this book is that it kind of reminds us of kids’ openness to experiences (well perhaps except in the realm of food!) and their fearlessness. This little kid in the book just keeps nurturing their idea and bit by bit it evolves and he/she realizes that they can change the world with an idea. The truth is that this happens each and every day, but not as much as it should. Too often, we shut the door on our ideas, stomping them out versus giving them a space to “play” in. Have you ever wonder what might happened if we nurtured our ideas more than stomped them out based on a societal perception that they are too “out there” or not good enough?

The truth is we do change as we grow older and some of it is very valid. The world can be cruel and it is difficult and more complex than we ever imagine as kids. That being said, sometimes it doesn’t have to be and for those of us who are tenacious enough to keep pushing our ideas and taking risks, it just may pay off. It also may mean that you may need to get a bit more creative to make things work. But then, that’s what your imagination (remember that word!) is for.

Happy writing this week!

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