Book Launch Pre-Flight Check By Stacy Hoff


Often I feel like more of a pilot than I do an author. That’s because lately I’ve been running countless pre-flight checks for the launch of my new book, JOCKEYING FOR YOU. I’m running out of time! The book is available for pre-order now, and the release date is coming up (September 28, 2016), so I better be up-and-running real soon. I sure as heck don’t want to crash and burn.

I angst over my plane’s complicated control panel. I fret there will be one crucial button I’ll forget to push. And what happens then to my destination? A nose dive into a sales abyss?

My biggest fear is that I will miss my goal for pre-sale purchases. Rumor has it that strong pre-sales impact Amazon’s magical, mystical, algorithm for suggesting books to readers. “Suggestionville” is definitely one place all authors want their plane to land.

So what am I doing to “book” a successful sales journey? Here are few things, some of which are new to me. Perhaps they will help you reach your sales destination, too.

  • I hired a promoter to help with more guest blog spots than I had been able to co-ordinate on my own (I’ll let you know how this goes).
  • Started with marketing and promotion (i.e. setting up book-signings, author interviews, etc.) much earlier than before.
  • Reached out to more people on social media (meaningful reaching out, by the way, not just randomly friending and following).
  • Reached out to more book bloggers.
  • Reached out to more book review sites.
  • Got a head start on my schedule as a mom, since back-to-school is the exact same month my book launches (setting up all the carpooling, and their after-school activity calendar, ain’t easy).
  • Upkeep my author’s calendar, so I don’t mess up a date.

I admit the flight to my ultimate destination has had a little turbulence. So far, I’ve managed to keep my lunch down. Let’s hope I can keep sales up.

Suggestionville, here I come!

If you’re an author, what do you do for your pre-flight check? If you’re a reader, what would you like to see an author do to reach out?

Below is the Book blurb for JOCKEYING FOR YOU (to be released 9/28/16) Amazon pre-order link:












SOL cartoon Sol cover new



Jake Carter is on a mission—to prove his family wrong. He may have bought a troubled horse, but he’s hired Ryder Hannon, a “horse whisperer,” to get his horse back on track. She’s more than just a trainer to him, she’s the woman he’s been looking for.

Ryder Hannon, a thoroughbred horse trainer, has a big problem—fighting her fear of racing again. Her emotional scars run deeper than her physical ones. But her romantic feelings towards handsome, uber-rich, stable owner Jake Carter is a bigger problem. Is Jake truly in love with her or is he using her to get back at his smug family? ­

When Jake’s jockey gets injured, he wants Ryder to race. He knows deep down she wants to live up to her family’s legacy. So why does she keep fighting him—and her destiny—so hard?

Pictures above taken of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga Spa State Park by Stacy Hoff. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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11 Responses to Book Launch Pre-Flight Check By Stacy Hoff

  1. gailingis says:

    Stacy, thanks for sharing good ideas. Fun reading this blog. Good job and good luck.

  2. Great advice, thanks, Stacy.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Good luck!! It is crazy. I’m still in high gear after my mid-August launch. I guess the only thing I’d add to your list is conferences and book signings. I’ve scheduled four already but need to do a book tour and get editorial reviews. Your book sounds fun. I love the horse races. I’ll pre-order to help get you to Suggestionville!! 🙂

  4. Good luck on your adventure and congrats on the new release!

  5. Jaye Garland says:

    Oh, great stuff here…and, your book is a nifty present to myself, as well. My birthday is 9/28!

  6. Looking forward to reading your new release!
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami

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