Bountiful Ideas

I’m fortunate in that I’ve never suffered from writer’s block, but then I also have more ideas than time to write. But seriously, if you are needing ideas there are a few good rules to follow-write what you know or what you are passionate about. I absolutely agree with this as you will spend more time with the subject and characters than you can imagine.

Challenge yourself-beyond keeping it all interesting, it stretches your writing skills as you work to improve your craft. Lastly, write for yourself and don’t chase a trend. By the time you catch up to it, readers have moved on and you’ve missed the opportunity to be true to yourself and write a fantastic book.

Even with these tidbits of advice, it is still easy to find yourself wondering about possible themes. My last thought is look at the world around you. Read articles, research and study people. We really are a fascinating species with so many dimensions and complexities.

In a couple of my books, I fo myself taking on religious themes. At first that wasn’t on purpose but more an injection of what I know having grown up Catholic. Still, it grew from there as I mixed in fantasy and science. I personally find the layers captivating in books I wri and read, although admittedly it is hard as a writer to make it all make sense.

We writers are constantly searching out ideas whether we realize it or not. My last recommendation is to keep a journal or notes page on your phone so you can quickly write down ideas as you get them or see them around you. You never know when the time to write that story will come.

Happy writing this week!


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