Finishing my Christmas Story by Mandy Rosko

So yesterday I finally finished off the short story I’m going to be handing in for an anthology for Christmas 😀


Anyone who was following me on Wattpad and wanted to know more about Isla and Arturo would like this. It’s a about Isla’s and Arturo’s first Christmas together, and the way Isla wants to spend it, not just with Arturo, but his family as well, if everyone will show up.


I wish I had a cover to show you for this, but I’m not sure if I will need one right away. This is for an anthology, so I’m not certain if there will be a single cover for all of them, or if this is going to be like Skeleton Key or Woodland Creek where everyone will need their own covers.


Either way, I’m excited. I’m going to, hopefully, get a couple of fans to look it over for me for spelling and grammar errors before sending it off to the lady in charge, and then I can finish off Alpha Dragon 😀


Alpha Dragon, and Holiday with a Billionaire, are going to be amazing. Which reminds me, this year I can also release that dragon holiday story that came out last year in the Alpha Christmas Box set, so when I get paid and can get a cover made up for that I’ll put it up on Amazon, or maybe wait until next year when I have another Christmas or holiday story and wrap them up in a nice set. That might be better since both of the stories I do have are about 15K words long, so with 3 or 4 short stories put together it might make it more worth it to readers.


Let me know what you would prefer! The short stories put out individually, or as a set for longer enjoyment 😉





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