September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

I fight like a girl.

I’m an ovarian cancer survivor. Last summer to my painful surprise a tumor inside my right ovary ruptured and blew my entire world wide open. Surgery and tests and more tests and appointments with specialists at home and in Boston took up much of my time and energy, and most of my thoughts.

I was  lucky. My cancer was caught  early, and I had a very rare form of ovarian cancer called Granulosa Cell Tumor (GCT). GCT is a slow growing cancer, which allows more time for surgical intervention. I had surgery and decided not to have chemotherapy, but rather to alter my diet a bit and add some natural supplements. At just over a year I maintain great health with a wonderful prognosis.

But, like every cancer survivor fear haunts me and my family. What if…

I don’t know the answer to what if…

What I do know is I’m not going down without a fight. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

I’ve struggled with figuring out how to make a difference in this world. This September I’ve decided to start by making a donation to the Granulosa Cell Tumor Research Foundation. This great organization, located in New Zealand, supports research for a cure and provides information for patients and families in the fight against GCT.

My donation will include 100% of all sales in the month of September of my book A Vampire’s Passion. I hope you’ll support my efforts to help find a cure by purchasing a copy of A Vampire’s Passion.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month FB Post


Grab a copy of A Vampire’s Passion at any of these eRetailers and make a donation toward finding a cure for ovarian cancer.

Kindle      iBooks     Nook     Kobo     aRe

Learn more about the Granulosa Cell Tumor Research Foundation here.

Wishing you great health and happiness, and feeling extremely grateful for your support,


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6 Responses to September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Brava, Jordan! You’ve been Pinterested, Facebooked, Google+, Tumblr’d, and Twittered. And I got the book. I encourage everyone to do the same. Every woman needs to know about this disease. Every man who loves a woman needs to know too!

  2. DuPe says:

    Congratulations; for fighting like a girl, winning, talking about it to educate others, and contributing to research. Reblogged, shared, and going to try buy Vampire’s Passion. Well done!

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