Energy. If you were a tank of gas, how full would you say you are when it comes to energy? I recently sat around a table with my management peers to talk about energy. Physical energy, spiritual energy, emotional energy and mental energy. Big surprise that as we read the article and took the quiz, we realized that we were all running at critically low levels of energy. I’m being sarcastic here if you aren’t getting the gist of my written tone.

Our corporate culture in this country is one of burnt out folks who continue to push for more with less. We seem to put band aids on everything as a corporate culture and as a country but that can’t go on forever. Eventually we’ll have to face the music but in the meantime, what do we do? Where do we channel our energy? I get asked this all the time and I have to replies. The first is never underestimate the power of one. Most of the time, many of us walk through life without realizing our full potential. Know what you bring to the table and implement it. Second, you can only contol what you can control. If you start approaching situations with this in mind you can come up with some great strategies. These two thoughts together can take you even further as you realize you can control more than you thought. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Not once or twice but each and every day.

Happy writing this week and if you are low on any of the energies I mentioned, take some time to change that.


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