Dangerous Creatures is Here! by Mandy Rosko

Woot! It’s finally here! And getting some pretty good reviews on Amazon so far 😀 Sure, most of them are from my alpha arc team, but they are honest, and that’s all I care about.


Dangerous creatures was a fun box set for me, and one that I might put into print, if only so I can get my hands on Mina’s story in print. Hers is a short bonus novella about the lives of hunters, and what she will do when she finds out the love of her life was turned into one of the monsters she’s getting paid to hunt and kill.


High stakes! I’ll have to contact my friend who has a hubby who does formatting for cheap, because even though Vellum does an amazing job on ebooks, it has yet to do formatting for print (Which is such a damned shame)



With Dangerous Creatures released, it’s time for me to focus more attention onto Alpha Dragon, as well as the short Christmas Billionaire tie in to Arrangement with a Billionaire. Those are going to be awesome 😉




Want a Free Paranormal Starter Library? Sign up for the Reader Group at Mandyrosko.com and I’ll send you three free ebooks from my backlist 😉 Happy reading!

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