Nothing seems simple these days. Go to the store and you have at least six different types of apples to choose from. A whole bakery section houses so many different types of bread. Don’t even get me started on cheeses or types of beans. And to think, these are the easier choices to make.

What do I do when I grow up? What do I study in school? Who do we date or make friends with? Each day is full of choices–some easy and some hard. For some, the answer is always changing.

Why is it so hard for us to make choices? My husband loves collecting different sayings and one he uses quite often is, everything in life has a solution except death. I love this saying because it grounds me and gets me to try things I might not usually try. And why not? A lot of times we fear the unknown or don’t want to put ourselves out there because we don’t want to face rejection. At the end of the day should we really care? Will the choices we make now haunt us for the rest of our lives? Some might but most won’t, so is it worth denying ourselves the opportunity to take a risk?

My advice? Choose what you want and go for it. I’m living that advice now and loving it. Don’t live in fear and miss out on what is important. You’ll only regret it later on.

Happy writing this week and may you be inspired!


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