My Alpha Chick is Here! by Mandy Rosko

The mug didn’t come in, but the pillow and the tote bag did. 😀

The bag is honestly bigger than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be one of those cute little hip purse things. That’s what I get for not measuring before buying, but either way, I like her. I think she turned out all right, but I’m not too sure about Zazzle as a store. Still waiting to hear back from them about the free shipping I was supposed to get but didn’t, and I’m going to see how well the images stay on the pillow and bag.

But! On the bright side, while I am definitely keeping this pillow (because I’m greedy) the tote bag, and the mug, will be going to some lucky readers. I’ll fill the tote with books and other fun bits of swag. The mug will go to a second reader, both of whom will be on my newsletter list. Still not sure how I will decide who gets what, but a contest will definitely be in order ^_^


The pillow looks a little brighter than the tote, and it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be either. I thought I’d ordered a bigger version, but we’ll see what else comes in the mail 😉



Want to get some free ebooks from my backlist? Join the reader group and I will send you three free ebooks on me, because free is awesome 😉


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  1. Mandy Lermon says:

    Nice Blog

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