#StrongWomen #Giveaway

In the month of August I’m participating in a giveaway with 150 authors in the genres you love! We are celebrating strong heroines by giving away $100 each week and 2 $1000 grand prizes, not to mention a bunch of free books!

Enter to the StrongWomen Giveaway here.

13872985_10154492343167147_2948056150587681483_nI’m please to be celebrating my heroine Eva Prim, who is best defined as a cross between I Love Lucy and Elvira! She’s a vampire on the hunt for friends. Her husband, Stefan, is best described as a Greek combination of Ricky Riccardo and Gomez Adams. He can hardly keep his hands off her and is always trying to stop her from wreaking havoc everywhere she goes!

Enjoy an excerpt of a letter Stefan writes to Eva from the first book in the series, The Demon Mistress.

October 3rd

Exeter, Rhode Island

My Flower,

I wish I were with you, but maintaining the sovereignty of our region calls me away from home, from you, the one I love above all others. Tonight being your birthday brings me added pain. Not being with you to celebrate the anniversary of the most glorious day in all my existence breaks my heart.

Each morning, when I lie down to rest, my memory is flooded with thoughts of you. Your brown eyes sparkle as your hot, demanding gaze wanders over me. That hungry smile sets my blood aflame. Your long, auburn hair tickles my skin while you trail soft, urgent kisses over my chest to my neck. I can barely contain myself as I enjoy the memory of your body against mine, the scent of your skin, the taste of your blood.

I shall do my best to deal with this situation in Maine and swiftly return to you, to your arms, to your love.

I’ve sent your gift with the messenger, a laptop computer to keep you connected to the world around us, to me. I look forward to your first vmail.

Your faithful and loving husband, Stefan

P.S.—Remember, Chrysanthemum, I am still your master so don’t try anything in my absence. This includes but is not limited to: creating a fledgling, scaring humans who refuse to see things from your perspective, fighting with the wolves (who by the way told me about the incident at the Tasty-Freeze), attempting to force any of the remaining captains to answer to you, excessive use of the credit cards (This includes online shopping. The computer is not to be used as a portal into every store in existence.), and spending time in my personal library. REMEMBER, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN FROM READING THOSE BOOKS!

Enter to the #StrongWomen #Giveaway here to win!

Contest void where prohibited. Contest is not run by Nights of Passion.

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