What are you Waiting For?

I know I’ve written about grit a time or two. It makes a difference–at least for me it has. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily smarter or more talented than most, but I am persistent and I am willing to put in the time to succeed. It’s cliche but what is worth having is worth working for. That all being said, I also never feel alone in my quests.

I recently passed a big financial exam I ha been studying for–for perhaps about a year. It is a great feeling and days later, I’m still walking in some kind of half-believing stupor. I put in a massive amount of time preparing for this exam, but much of my success comes beyond me. My husband, my kids, grandma, my friends and co-workers. And for those who believe, God–I spent a lot of time praying.

This experience was very much like writing and publishing my first book, only that seemed an even lengthier process. There is so much that goes into the process. we give time and effort, we look to critique groups, family and friends for support, and we as writers are always working to be in the right frame of mind to produce. This last one is especially hard as it is important to be close to your work to understand your characters and their motivations, but at some point we need to evaluate and requires pulling back to some degree.

So what have I learned? Going for what you want is rarely simple. It is often complex with a lot of moving pieces and needs. Still, the win feels amazing and it is most definitely worth it. So, what are you waiting for?

Happy writing this week!

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