Keeping Sane When Life Has Other Plans by Heather Novak

This week has been very intense for me, as I try to move a parent from independent living to assisted living. Suddenly, the cost of care is expected to double, even triple (one of the facilities was quadruple!). In between prepping for a book signing/meet and greet in August as well as planning a wedding, I am losing my mind.

(No seriously, I was at work and freaked out that I forgot to put on pants. I started crying, saying I need to run home since I had only worn a shirt to work and everyone could see my underwear…only to realize I was, in fact, wearing a knee length dress. So…yeah…)

Just thinking about this blog post made me anxious! I honestly didn’t know what to write about. Then I remembered that writers and readers alike deal with the issues of aging parents and family members.

Here’s how I’ve been trying to keep sane:

1) Scheduled fun time! Every Wednesday for the next month and a half, I will be taking dance classes with my fiancé to choreograph our first dance. This is time that’s just for us. No talk of parents or wedding stress or chores that need to be done.

2) Audiobooks. I can listen to them while writing thank you notes, while driving to facilities to tour, while driving to work, while making dinner. They distract me from being completely overwhelmed by things like…pants. (I’m LOVING The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas!)

Little trick – if you buy the ebook on Amazon, many times you’ll get the audiobook for only a few dollars more! It saves more money than buying the audiobook outright. Keep your eyes peeled for deals!

3) Getting enough sleep. This one is tough. Sometimes I fret too much to sleep, sometimes I’m too swamped with work to sleep. Seven hours or more is my target.

4) Eat healthy. My diet was carefully crafted by my nutritionist, so for the most part I eat healthy. But I need to watch my dessert intake. All I want is ice cream ALL THE TIME. I use a small bowl to keep my portion under control.

5) Staying active. The dancing thing helps, walking, Zumba, yoga, friends. Staying on my feet and off the couch is the way to keep my anxiety lower.

6) Understand that everyone is human. I’m angry. I’m angry at the independent living home where my parent fell and didn’t get adequate care. I’m angry at how much more assisted living costs. I’m angry that the budget isn’t magically working out. I’m angry at a lot of things. But therapy is a godsend. It helps remind me that we’re all human and working to the best of our abilities. Hopefully I’ll be less angry soon.

At least this distracts me from waiting for agents to respond to queries, am I right?!

On this day in 1939 – Judy Garland recorded “Over the Rainbow.”

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