Our Own Cell

I’m not talking Biology today, but a sort of freedom. I’ve had a few peers at work retire recently. Retirement in itself is momentous. We often spend a ton of time thinking about how to plan for it, but very little time thinking about what to do once we get there. As such, it can be very daunting for some. Still, for those who get past their fear, it seems to be such a freeing passage.

My peers certainly got past their fears. It seemed as if suddenly they glided instead of walked, smiled instead of frowned, and we’re willing to help in any way they could– where had these strangers come from?! Even sadder, it made me ask why work had to be a sort of jail for so many. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but those I meet that seem to be truly passionate about their jobs are very few.

The world of writers is fascinating for the simple reason that many writers seem to love what they do. There is a great degree of freedom and autonomy for many, even with the ties to what readers, editors and publishers want. Even with the demands of social media and branding. At the end of the day, a writer can choose to write what they want–assuming they are okay with the consequences of doing so.

So why not choose writing or something we are passionate about? Until we are willing to release ourselves from everything else that has a hold over us (technology, money, material goods, luxury items, etc), we remain in our own little cells, constructed by the lives we aim to lead. Basically, we do what we do because we feel there isn’t much in the way of options or what we’d need to sacrifice simply isn’t worth it. Don’t believe me? What keeps you from following your passion? An even bigger question… How  are you going to change it?

Happy writing this week!

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