Word Counts and Book Covers by Mandy Rosko

Sooo, I need to get off my ass and put more time into Alpha Dragon. I wanted to have 30k words done for this book by the end of this month, and as of this posting I’m still sitting at 12.5K


So yeah, I need to stop with the putting stuff off until the last minute garbage that I’ve been doing and for real get my hands on the keyboard. I know I said I should get off my ass earlier, but now that I think about it, most people do their writing while they’re sitting…

My goal is still to make it for the October release, however. I hated that it had to be pushed back from September, so I’m not going to do that shit again. Which is why I’m posting this here. To give myself some sense of accountability #dreambig

But in other news, and this is something I don’t think I should post a picture of, yet, but I picked up the most awesome book covers this morning. Got them paid for and everything 😀 I soooo want to show these off, but I need to wait a few months. At least until I’m finished with Alpha Dragon, get done the short story for Arrangement with a Billionaire that I promised to do, and then get started on the sequel to Arrangement with a Billionaire. I might have booked myself a lot more than I thought, but I will get this done! The idea for these new books won’t go away, but I need to finish off some other books first.

Because, you know, people are waiting for them.

But picture this if you will…Each cover has a main color. One is red, the other is purple, and last is blue. Awesome chests on the front, and dragons flying in the background. I am in love with these ❤ ❤

On second thought, I might give in and post them sooner than this because I can’t keep a secret. But we’ll see!

I can’t wait to show those off, but for now I need to go download them and put them somewhere safe so I can get those bad boys written up 😉

Until next week, I’ll be watching that Wonder Woman trailer for the thirtieth between writing spurts. At least DC looks like they’re going to do the female lead right 😀

It’s seriously almost 3 am. I’m going to bed! Hugs!




Want a free starter paranormal romance library? Hop on over to mandyrosko.com and join the reader group, and I will send you three free books from my backlist on me 😉

See you there!

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  1. heatherhand says:

    I need this book – type faster

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