Introducing Jordan K. Rose!

Hello Nights of Passion Readers!

I’m excited to have this opportunity to write for this wonderful blog. Thanks to Susan Hanniford Crowley for this opportunity. I’m jumping into Jenna Jaxon’s Sunday spot. Jenna’s great fortune of multiple Kensington contracts has a trickle down effect, allowing me to join Nights of Passion.

In my first post I thought to tell you a little bit about myself. So here are the basics:

  • I live in beautiful Rhode Island and LOVE the beach.
  • I’m married to the LOVE of my life.
  • I have two extremely LOVE-able black Labradors. Dino, the one who looks like Dino&EnzoGandolf the Gray, and Enzo, who looks like a giant stuffed animal.
  • The food I LOVE to eat more than any other is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate covered anything works, with one exception. I actually do not like dark chocolate peanut butter cups, which seems illogical to me, given how much I like peanut butter and dark chocolate!
  • Without a doubt I LOVE reading vampire novels above all other books. Though, let’s not kid ourselves, I enjoy any romance and lots of other fiction. I read 3-4 books a week, including one personal or professional development book.
  • I began writing about five years ago, and because I loved vampire romance so much, that’s where I started. I’ve wavered a bit, writing some other paranormal romance, but mostly, I’ve stuck with the vampires. I just finished writing Her Vampire’s Protector, Novella Seven in the Romance In Central City Series, due out this Fall. As soon as edits are done on this book I’m working on an Eva Prim novella for Robyn Peterman’s Magic and Mayhem Kindle World, due out in February.

I have a little something for everyone in my library. Each book in the Romance In Central City Series follows the romance of a different couple connected to The Vampire Guard. The Short Seductions Series is a set of ten sexy paranormal short stories that are just long enough to be read on your lunch break. (Don’t get caught reading those at work!) My Eva Prim series is for anyone who loves to laugh. She’s a mix of I Love Lucy and Elvira—consistently up to something that lands her in hot water.

For an opportunity to read a free story from each series join my readers group at

To stay connected:





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Thanks for stopping by! See you next Sunday.

But before you go, what are YOU reading?

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4 Responses to Introducing Jordan K. Rose!

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Hi, Jordan! And congratulations on becoming the newest blogger for Nights of Passion. I know you’re going to love it! Have fun!

  2. jordankrose says:

    Thanks Jenna! Congratulations to you too! Best wishes with your upcoming projects. 🙂

  3. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Welcome, Jordan. We’re excited to have you with us.
    – Susan

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