Life’s Tests

Lately, it seems as if everyone around me is preparing for some sort of test–either literally in the form of written or electronic exams or as in life tests such as new job, marriage, babies, retirement or writing a book. These are choices we make–some more daunting than others, but they don’t always have to be to such a great degree.

I can only speak to what I know so here are some tidbits of advice on life’s tests…

A new job is only new for so long. Take advantage early on to ask questions and remember that you will master this eventually just like everything else.
Don’t go into marriage thinking about the big wedding. Think about the work that goes into happily ever after–it is a lot but worth it if you have the mindset, willingness and love to push it forward.
Kids are a joy but a ton of work. If you can, treasure your single life, wait until you are ready. Life is very rewarding with kids but you don’t want to hold what you feel you missed out on against them. Love them and have patience, your time with them is short before they want their time to themselves.
Writing a book is a process of discovery so let it happen. Take time to improve your craft and learn from your mistakes. Also think about your longer term goals as they will dictate how are where you push yourself.
As for retirement, I have experienced it, but in helping a friend, I underst a bit of planning and an open mindset are ideal. You’ve worked so hard, it is time to enjoy it–you can start a bucket list now.
That’s all for now. Good luck and happy writing this week!

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