Putting Stuff Together for My Alpha Team by Mandy Rosko

So I’m finally putting together a quickie little drawing, mascot, whatever you might want to call it, for my Alpha Team.

It’s not so great so far, but I’m hoping that with a few more layers and by messing around with it a little more, I can make it look decent enough to put on some thank you cards, bags, or other types of cool swag as presents, not just for the alpha team, but maybe for my subscribers in general.

I’ve posted my progress on Instagram so far, but it’s far from done. I still need to fix the ears, put in the tail, and add the highlights. I think I have several hours more of messing around with my little chibi alpha girl before she can even be close to finished, so be gentle ;_;

Screenshot 2016-07-19 15.15.30

I want my lovely cover artist to put together the Alpha font that would be beneath her. Or above her. Not sure. I just need to color her in more. I have the background ready, but I didn’t take a picture of it yet.

I can’t wait to get her tail in there and to smooth out those ears though. The ears look funny right now on her head since they don’t match her hair. Lol, I was briefly thinking about making her legs hairy since she’s supposed to be an alpha wolf shifter, but I think the ears and tail (when I get it in there) will be enough



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