A Farewell Letter by Jenna Jaxon


Dear Nights of Passion  Family,

Goodbyes are always difficult. I prefer to think of it as goodbye for now because the romance world is a small one. We’ll see each other again.

Still, I am sad to announce that I am leaving Nights of Passion after two and a half wonderful years.

If you’ve seen my post last week for my summer plans, you’ll know the reason I’m having to say goodbye. I’ve recently had the great good fortune to be offered contracts with Kensington Publishing for two more of my House of Pleasure series e-books. And immediately following that joyful email, I received an offer from them of a print contract for the first three books in a Regency series to be called The Widow’s Club.

Even bigger news arrived Thursday. The Widow’s Club series will help launch Kensington’s Lyrical Press print line in January 2018. I and two other authors have currently digital-only series with Lyrical, but Kensington will begin publishing their Lyical authors in print as well, beginning with the three of us. It’s all very exciting and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of industry coverage of this as the time draws near in just eighteen months.

Meanwhile, I have two of the five contracted books written, but I still have three to write, plus several novellas promised to boxed sets and a novella series of my own not to mention edits for all of them that I will need to finish. This all comes out to a whole lot of writing, which leads to my very hard decision to leave Nights of Passion. I’m setting aside as much time as possible for writing and with that comes the sacrifice of this blog and a reduction in posting on my own blog as well.

I have enjoyed my time at Nights of Passion immensely and I thank Susan Hanniford Crowley for this great opportunity. I hope to visit here more often than not. I also hope to see the patrons of NOP out in the romance world, both authors and readers, sharing our passion for books and reading and romance.

My best to you all and I’ll be seeing you!



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2 Responses to A Farewell Letter by Jenna Jaxon

  1. wow! such much “yay” for you! Best of luck and always keep writing!

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