Shades of Perception

For those of you who have read my posts before, you may know that I enjo podcasts. Not a surprise to me as many of the podcasts I enjo provide me information in a story-like form and I love a good story. Most recently, I listened to a podcast called Invisibilia. I find the episodes fascinating and definitely recommend it if you haven’t had a listen.

The last couple episodes centered around mental illness and our need to “cure” it versus the thought of accepting it as a norm. What I found most interesting as the told stories of varying experiences were the different perceptions we could all have.

They told of a small town in Belgium that takes a different approach in interacting with the mentally ill-the families there provide them a home. These “boarders” as the mentally I’ll are called are accepted and while many in the United States might perceive this as abnormal, the folks in this town clearly have a different view. Why? Because that is the way it has always been is the explanation townsfolk give.

In a bonus podcast that follows, we meet a Mr. William Kitt. Amongst many things, Mr. Kitt confesses he hears voices. What I find very interesting here is that he associates the bad voices he hears with illness, while he associates the good voice with God and/or his angels.

So why do we do this? Mostly, I be we do it without much thought. Our perception is an accumulation of life experiences and beliefs. I know many of us know this, but somehow along the way, we forget this. That clouds how we perceive others and our ability to perceive their true intentions-good or bad. Something to think about next time you jump to a conclusion about a situation or person. Are your right or wrong or should you just ask?

Happy writing this week!

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