Pokemon Go is Going to Cut into my Writing Time

There’s already no question this is going to happen, even though I just found out that my brand new Sony phone doesn’t have a gyroscope 😡

Time to replace that little sucker.

But yeah, I got an extra long dog walk in today using that stupid game, which is tanning me like crazy, and even though I was only using it late last night and earlier today, I can already tell this is going to get me away from the computer. I might even lose the weight I’ve been complaining about for a while.

But the problem is how this is going to cut into my productivity O.o I need to really be careful with that since I’m trying to get my deadlines in order for Siren while keeping my writing to a respectable daily number for Alpha Dragon.

Luckily, things seem to be going decently for my Dangerous Creatures Box set, and I’m stoked  now for the idea to turn this into a print book. Check it out 😉

Could you imagine seeing this bad boy in print? I would fricken’ love that to the nines. I’m going to have to figure out how to do that, get it in a nice print format since I’m cheap and don’t want to pay anyone to do it. I might still do it though. It depends. It would especially be great since this would be the only way to get the novella in print as well.

I’ll have to ask around and find out how much this would cost. I’m getting a little more confidant formatting my own books. Sort of. But this is a four story print book we’re talking about here.

I guess I should stop messing around with Pokemon Go and get to it 😀





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