Keep Your Head in the Game

I’ve never run a marathon, although I do believe it is something I would one day like to try. Right now, I feel as if I am preparing for a marathon of a test. There are a lot of them out there…certifications, degrees…all for the purpose of improving our knowledge and adding to perceived credibility.

As I go through this my mind is like a roller coaster–up and down filled with doubts yet trying its darnedest to cheer me on. It’s amazing how it can so greatly affect my mood and how much I’m willing to push myself or not. As I started this quest over a year ago, I never would have thought a test can come down so completely to mental strength (my term, not a professional’s) or at least that is what it feels like.

I imagine running a marathon is similar. Of course this is with the assumption that we’ve put the time into it. We’ve done the studying or the training, now it is just maintaining and pushing forward, bit by bit. We will have the moments of doubt, we will have moments of pain and we will at times feel burned out, but our minds are often much stronger than we believe.

So what use is this to you? Nothing worth having comes easy in life. If you want to write, I can tell you that is going to take an immense amount of strength to push forward, deal with rejection and still create the worlds and characters you so love. Lesson of the blog? Keep your head in the game.

happy writing this week!

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