Finally Started Book 3! by Mandy Rosko

I finally managed to get book 3 started for the Alpha Bites series! Not too far in, only 3k words in what I’m betting will be at least a 60K word story, but it’s a nice solid start, and I’m excited to get this baby written.

Like dragon shifters? I do too, that’s why this will be Jax’s story, when he finally decides he can’t wait around anymore, and he will make a claim on his woman, wooing her the way he should have so many years before when she needed him to 😉

Won’t say much more than that, still fleshing out the plot, and there will be a decent amount of side character focus on Anna and Dennis, since Dennis kidnapped her and wants to kill her brother and all 😀 That seems pretty interesting.

It was such a busy couple of months with all the releases I’ve had coming out that it’s hard to believe my next release isn’t until next month, and it will be the box set for Dangerous Creature, which is up on preorder on Amazon right now.

But here’s the funny bit. I forgot to put it on preorder on Draft2Digital, accidentally just releasing it instead. So I’ll be letting people on my Reader Group know they can get it early if they like on other platforms, which will hopefully be a nice surprise and not an annoyance, lol.

Can’t wait for Alpha Dragon! Woot!





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One Response to Finally Started Book 3! by Mandy Rosko

  1. heatherhand says:

    Ahhhh! Type FASTER! I devoured the first two books and now you are making me wait for Jax? *pouty face*

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