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Hello Passionate readers! I hope everyone in the USA is ready to celebrate July 4th. I know I am! Three glorious days for me to sit back, relax and enjoy. During my time off, I’m giving you remarkable author Tracey A. Wood to inspire you. Here she is, talking about her amazing fortitude, and her new release!

Tracey A Wood

In 2010, I started to write my very first book. My husband and youngest son wondered why I was writing it and what I aimed to achieve. At that point, I didn’t really know, but I enjoyed myself and got those long dormant creative juices flowing. It tinkered on and off with the book and even at one point sent it to a publisher. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a self-publishing company, you know the sort. Have you written a book? We will publish it. Self-publishing is alright if you can afford to go down that route but their plans were an expense, I wasn’t prepared to pay. So I sat on my book and revisited it every now and then.


In 2013, I was getting the evening meal ready and preparing food for work the next day. I had been offside all day. Drained and out of sorts. I put it down to stress at work. We all know how that feels. I found that I was struggling to eat, and my husband kept asking me if I was alright. I felt fine, just tired. I was sitting working on my computer, and my husband asked if I was sure I was alright. I answered, with what I thought was a sensible reply. He asked why I was talking funny. I told him I wasn’t. I was just tired and would be alright after a good night sleep. He was due to go to work on a night shift but knew that there was something the matter with me, even though I didn’t. We’d been married for 28 years at the time.

He insisted on taking me to the hospital and to cut a long story short. I had three strokes which were caused by a blood clot on my brain. I didn’t realize I was having the first two, but when the third one hit, I couldn’t move or speak. I was fighting to get my body to work and losing the battle. When I tried to think it was like I was trying to push or should I say pull the thoughts to the front of my brain through a thick fog, very scary. Apparently they are called crescendo TIA’s (transient ischemic attacks) or mini strokes. Then two days later I found out that my carotid artery had a 90% stenosis (narrowing) on the right-hand side. I also found out that I would have to have an operation to solve the problem. If I didn’t have the operation, it was very probable that I would have more strokes. The hospital told me that I was lucky as it was and I might not survive another one. I was also told that they couldn’t guarantee that I would survive the operation. I could possibly have another stroke and possibly end up blind or worse.

I had the operation within two weeks of having my strokes which left me with a six-inch scar from below my ear and down my neck.

I was off work for six months but was finding that I was extremely tired all of the time and my body hurt all over. I was slurring words and bumping into furniture. Twenty months later and a lot of hospital appointment I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Yes I know, I hadn’t got a clue what it was either. From what I can gather, it is a whole host of problems which don’t really fit together. The last doctor I saw told me he didn’t like to label my symptoms into this illness and call it chronic full body pain which cannot be explained??

After going through this illness I decided to send my manuscript to Soulmate Publishing in New York and low and behold, Debbie the Senior Editor liked it. I had to tinker with it and then resubmit it but in January 2015 she sent me a contract. Wooohooo.

I have been working hard, setting up my website, editing my book and generally preparing for my release date. If I hadn’t of been ill, I would probably still be sitting with my book on my computer. Reading it and re-reading it. So, in my opinion, everything does happen for a reason. I hope this give you, the reader, the push to follow your dreams. No matter what they are. Life really is too short.

book blurb for Midnight Angel

After almost losing her life in a vicious, bloody attack. Kat Shaw, a thirty-something, divorcee, discovers that there are such things as monsters. And the predator who attacked her is not human. She starts to develop unusual skills which have murderous consequences. And is an unwilling witness to multiple, brutal murders, seen through the eyes a killer. Thrown into a battle of Good vs. Evil, she falls in love with two men who are not what they seem. While her attacker stalks her and continues to murder the innocent. She has to find the inner strength to take on and fight the demons from hell. To protect her family and friends while also trying to save her own life.

Author’s Biography

Tracey A Wood has lives in Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. She has been married for over thirty years and has two children. One of her boy’s lives at home due to being disable the other has flown the coup. She has three cats that are her babies, and she talks to them all of the time. Funny thing is they don’t answer back.

She loves snowboarding, skiing, jumping out of aeroplanes and bungee jumping. Well, that is when other people are doing them. She prefers to have her nose in a book or writing one. She also loves to people watch which her husband is always telling her to stop doing. She has a job that she enjoys and works full time. Although if she won the lottery, that might change! She has also got a very good imagination.

Her books are fast paced and centered on a female lead who finds an inner strength after being thrown into situations that are beyond her control.

Excerpt for Midnight Angel by Tracey Wood

The park was empty at this time of night. All the children had gone home hours ago. The nights were getting colder and the evening air bit through my clothes, making me shiver. A light dew clung to my hair and skin as the darkness closed in around me, shrouding me from the main road.

After a long day at work, I made my way along the manmade path. It was a good shortcut taking fifteen minutes off my journey. I would soon be home, safe and warm.

What to have for dinner? Hmm. Pizza! Yeah, I’ll dial a pizza. Treat myself. Why not?

Happy with my decision, I carried on my way.

Pulling my jacket collar up around my neck, I tried to beat the cold and the shiver running up my spine.

A sharp pain shot through my head, stunning me, and suddenly I was flying across the path. My forehead hit the ground with an audible thump. Another powerful flash of pain. Black blotches blurred my vision as I tried to focus on my surroundings.

I attempted to get up but something struck my back, flattening me to the ground. The wind rushed from my lungs. I couldn’t move! A heavy weight sat on my back, holding me down. I struggled to draw enough air into my lungs. Something sharp penetrated my back, then my arms and the top of my leg. It was pure agony!

What’s happening? Have I been stabbed?

Tucking my flailing hands under my body, I attempted to get up, a silent scream trapped inside me, but the weight held me in place.

Snaking my body, I wriggled across the compact soil of the path, attempting to pull myself forward. It was no use. I couldn’t even get to my hands and knees.

My clothes were ripped from my back as the onslaught continued.

The pain slowly dulled, even though I was still at the mercy of my attacker. My heart pounded with fear as this predator snatched at my body. I was shaken violently from side to side. My gut told me my attacker was male. He was dominant, strong, and overpowering.

Oh God, this can’t be happening. No, please. I don’t want to die!

Glancing around frantically for a weapon, I realized I still had my keys in my hand. Without thinking, I slashed them behind my back with as much force as I could. They bit into something soft. Warm fluid flowed over me.

I had hurt him and possibly made him angrier. This unseen person was going to do the unthinkable. He was going to violate me, rob me of my life, or both. I desperately needed to get away from this monster. But how? I couldn’t fight back. Damn it, I couldn’t even move.

Nausea washed over me as my body weakened, my life draining away. A dark mist clouded my mind, consuming me, consuming my thoughts. I was going to die here in a lonely, dark park in the middle of London. I would never see my family and friends again.

Why? Why? I want to live. Help me, please help me, someone!

As if this monster had heard my silent plea, the shaking suddenly stopped. The weight lifted slightly and I could breathe. Relief washed over me.

Had the attack finished? Did he think I was dead?

I lay still, faking death, struggling not to take deep, gulping breaths. I fought the panic pumping through my body.

I became aware of a stroking sensation on my back, a light caress. Small strokes, followed by a sound I could not identify. The strokes became harder and the noise louder. A wet, squelching sound.

What is that?

My head spun with confusion and panic as I strained to locate my attacker. I saw a movement from the corner of my eye. I turned but couldn’t focus. It was too dark and I was in shock.

Warm liquid ran down my back, arms, and legs. Blood. My blood, but there was no pain, still no pain.

In a moment of clarity, I knew I had to move. To get away before my attacker struck again.

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3 Responses to Author Tracey A. Wood Will Inspire You by Stacy Hoff

  1. traceyawood says:

    Thank you for hosting me Stacy. I hope your readers enjoy my journey and it motivates them to follow their dreams. Xx

  2. gailingis says:

    Wow Tracey. Congratulations on it all! You’ve been through tough health times, but you sound great! Best of luck with your book and with SMP. SMP published my book as well, Indigo Sky.

    • traceyawood says:

      Hi CT, Thank you. I hope that people will read what has happened and is still happening and it will give them a push to pursue their dreams and ambitions. I am a big believer that whatever happens to you in your life, makes you a stronger person.

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