Tomorrow is The Day! by Mandy Rosko

Tomorrow is the big blog push for my Skeleton Key book and every other book in the Skeleton Key series, and I’m super excited for it 😀

One of my favorite things is how so many of us chose books with dragons. Lol. I think we all might have a dragon fetish. I think I do. Dragons and wolves seem to be the best so far 😉


When this is over I’ll be able to finish plotting out the third book in my Alpha Bites Series. So far, Alpha Dragon is looking to be the longest book in the series, which might pose a tiny problem since I made the print versions of these books look like cute squares. Because they’re alpha bites, get it? 😀

I’ll be here all week.

With all the writing I’ve been doing, there hasn’t been much time for crafting, drawing, video games, or any of the other hobbies I partake in. I know there are some crafters here. Any of you get frustrated when you can’t do your crafting? I’ve been trying to sneak in some gaming late at night to rebel against this new schedule, which might explain why I’ve been waking up at noon or 1pm as of late >.< Hate doing that, but Destiny keeps calling my name!

Anyway, just to pretend that I’m still a professional, I commissioned a 2D box set cover for my Dangerous Creatures Series. So far it’s looking really nice! I just sent it back with some tweaking requests (not twerking. I know you were thinking it) and I can’t wait to see and share the final results next week.

See you next Tuesday!



BTW, if you wanted a FREE Starter Library from yours truly, pop on over to and join the reader list. I’ll send you three free ebooks from my back list and keep you informed on all the best sales, contests, and free offers.




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