Erin Bevan Wants a Poll by Stacy Hoff

Stacy_Cartoon_v2 Hello Passionate readers! Today I have on author Erin Bevan, who wants your opinion! What are you looking for in books? Please weigh in!

Evan Bevan

I must take a poll. Really, I must.

When you go to pick up a book, what do you look for? The cover? An author name you recognize? The blurb? Do you look for mysteries, or sweet cozy Hallmark like romances, or maybe paranormal?

Erin Bevan book 4

Despite whatever it is you’re looking for, most likely you know what is it. You know what it is about a certain author, or certain covers, or certain storylines that just grab you.

When I was working on some information for a half page ad I wanted to post in InD’Tale magazine, the designer asked me for a tagline, or some information that pertained to me as Erin Bevan the author. Not Erin Bevan the tired mother, or the coffee lover, or the YMCA devotee. No, Erin Bevan-the writer. I was stumped. Completely.

Who the heck am I?

I had no clue.

Even Bevan 3

I know when I started this journey I read and loved books by Nora Roberts, Tracy Brogan, Mary Kay Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, and Debbie Macomber. When I began writing six years ago, all I could think was I wanted to write stories like those people. With the southern charm of Mary Kay Andrews, the laugh-out-loud pee-in-your-pants of Tracy Brogan, and the sensual love stories of Nicholas Spark. I just thought I could ball all of that up into one, and Tada! You have Erin Bevan.

Man, was I naïve.

Six years later, I’ve got books published. I’ve been told I write like Sheryl Woods, Sandra Brown, and Fannie Flag. While, I was sure all of these were great compliments, I had never read a single book by any of these people. And none of them were my mentors so to speak.

So, again, back to the question, who the heck am I?


I had to turn to a friend. I had four books published, two more in contract, and I still had no idea who Erin Bevan as an author was. I was lost. It was my dear friend author Claire Gem who told me to write down all the main points of my books. So I did. I did a giant word vomit of the things that were key elements in my stories, and a couple of reoccurring themes popped up. Second chances, small towns, and families. And, I wish I could tell you I was the one who realized this, but I wasn’t. It was all Claire. She’d told me what I’d known all along, but was too dense to figure out.

Erin Bevan writes books about second chances, small towns, families, and most important, love. And while some of my stories may be a little funnier than others, and some may have a little more mystery, these themes will undoubtedly always show up because those are the kinds of books I like to read, and those are the kinds of books I like to write.

And as I did and am still doing a happy dance with the enlightenment of this information, I have come yet to another stumbling block. Thus far, all of Erin Bevan’s books have been closed-door love scenes. Do I dare to open that tantalizing door? And if I do, will readers rejoice in the romance, or close the book never to pick up Erin Bevan again?

Eric Bevan weddingday

Decisions. Decisions. So, I ask you romance reader, because this is a poll after all. What do you like? Do you like the door closed, or do you like the door open?

Your answers would be appreciated.


The Second Chance, Small Town, Family Romance Author still trying to find her identity.

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  1. Erin Bevan says:

    Thank you so much for having me today!

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