Give It a Rest

These past few weeks and the upcoming weeks are full of obstacles. What is most frustrating about this is that most obstacles are put there by me, for me. And looking around, I can definitively say that I’m not alone. Why?! Why do we do this to ourselves?

Let me explain. It is probably a culmination of things. I’ve been listening to a podcast this week called This American Life. This week’s episode shares views from three women who have called themselves and in some cases, continue to call themselves fat. It is a great episode and I recommend it as it can provide a valuable perspective on labeling and being fat (I say fat here on purpose as per the perspective given in th podcast that is preferable).

On top of this thought provoking podcast, I have 5 weeks until a big exam. And yet the tiny voice in my head pokes and prods me at every turn. You’re not exercising enough. You need to eat better. You’re not scoring high enough on these practice exams. You know after you pass (I’ve forced some positivity in there), this is jus the beginning…then you have to blah, blah, blah! You’re probably getting the picture right now. Why are we so annoying? Why are we so critical? I know there is a lot behind those questions but for now I’m going to tell myself (and recommend you all too) to give it a rest.

Happy writing this week and good luytuning out the negative noise.

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