Stretch Yourself

Okay, so I’m not talking about Yoga or Pilates—I really wish that was the case as I could use a bit of a relaxing, meditation state right now. What I’m talking about is what you really do to stretch yourself in all aspects of life… you know push those boundaries, make yourself stronger, challenge yourself. Or the question is, do you do this and if not, why not? If you do, why do you do it?

I fall into the bucket of those who do challenge and stretch—even if admittedly I don’t do this enough in some aspects of my life (exercise or eating right is probably one of those areas). So why do I do it? You know, I’m not sure a lot of the time. It’s kind of like an urge inside of me that tells me I need to work harder and do better. I honestly think that kind of what got me into my “mess” this past year where I really had to pause and take a look at my life. I have a constant drive to do better but the truth is that I’m not sure if better in what I’m doing is going to make me happy. Make sense?

As kids, we are raised not to quit, to keep on trying, to keep practicing to get better and to work hard. This is a great mentality to build a strong foundation but what about as we get older? Sure it will help us climb corporate ladders and assimilate into today’s tough working world but more than a few of all of us will at some point ask “Is this it?” or “Is this what I really want?” The truth is that these words come with a bunch of sleepless nights and tough decisions but if you can make it through until your next “crisis” it really is worth it. There isn’t a recipe for success, just time and the same dedication to finding out what truly makes you tick. What it is that you value above all else. What it is that makes you happy. Only then will you truly stretch yourself to where you’ll be happy to go.

Happy writing this week and good luck!

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