Mate of a Dragon Villain is Out Tomorrow! by Mandy Rosko

She wasn’t supposed to fall for the bad guy…


Woot! The 15th is almost here, and my contribution to the Skeleton Key series 😀 A series that has almost 30 other authors contributing! Turns out, a few of us had the idea for dragons. You should check them out. They look amazing. I wish I’d thought to add an actual dragon to the cover, maybe above Halgreave’s shoulder there 🙂

I’m really proud of this one. It’s almost capped at the 50K word limit we were given, it was only supposed to be 30K, but I didn’t hit the end until 48.5K words in. I think I could have gone on longer. A longer confrontation scene at the end, maybe some more steamy scenes too 😉

Not too much steam in this book. That’s not usual for me, but I had to keep within the word limit, but I still love this story. The idea of a writer who gets sucked into the world she was writing, and instead of getting swept away by the hero, is swept away by the villain!

Lol, there might have been some of my own fun fantasies in there 😀 This book was fun as all hell to write. I can’t wait to get the print version ready for this book, but have to wait until payday before I can do that 😉

Check the book out if you were inclined. You won’t be disappointed in this one. I mean, I’ve got a shirtless bad boy on the cover. Not much more needs to be said ❤



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