What Makes a Writer Great?

That’s a pretty big question. We could even expand this to ask what makes each of us great at anything? I’ve been listening to tons of podcasts about grit and mastering skills and deliberate practice which I agree really will make a difference (what wouldn’t with such time and dedication put into it?). Still, I also believe there are a few other items that tip the scales. Granted this is simply my belief and experience but that being said, I’d encourage you to read these over and give them some thought.

  1. Passion and/or value – what do you care most about in life (this may include several things/people)? If it is writing are you spending time diving into your craft. I get we all can’t afford to be full time writers but are you spending some time doing what you value?
  2. Growth and challenges – ever get on the treadmill and set it at a nice comfortable pace? I have. Why?! Sure it is some exercise which helps, but if you are going to put the time in, really make it count. Speed walk, set an incline, do sprint intervals, sweat! You will only improve to be great through growth, development and truly challenging yourself.
  3. Take risks – this is true for writers and many others. Sure you risk some losses but it is all a process of learning. You can’t make meaningful gains without putting yourself out there and pushing the envelope. My husband always says everything in life has a solution except death–so rue even if the solution is different than we would have imagined.
  4. Be open to life – we spend so much trying to control everything or fighting the current. Ever hear a writer say, “my character wanted…” Yes, characters talk in our minds and yes they can be quite bossy. Think of it as a stong gut feeling– do you listen to yours?

That’s all for this week. Go be great and happy writing this week!

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