Finishing That Book by Mandy Rosko

Sometimes I forget about the joys in the little things. I’m not reminded of them until I do it.

I handed a book in to the editor a couple of days ago for a rush edit since the book is supposed to be released on the 15th of this month. She got back to me last night, and I looked everything over before sending the book back for a final edit. I should have enough time to send it to my street team and get a beta read on it, too.

The book was longer than I thought it was going to be. I meant it to be a 30k word novella, but it tapped out at about 48.5K

This is just under the 50K word threshold. I’m a bit worried the ending seems rushed because of this, but I read it over again before sending the edits back, and though I could have put more in, an epilogue, a longer exit scene, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Just wish I could stick it up for preorder, lol >.< I don’t think I can do that yet on Amazon without having the final copy of the book, but once again, I’m still happy with it. Once I get the spine and back ready, that sucker is going to look even more beautiful than it already is 😀

Here’s the cover again. I love his red scales 😀



I’m still a little worried about getting it up on all the vendors in time, and I need to tweak the description a bit, but I love this. I wrote a nearly 50K book, and every time I get above that benchmark always seems like an accomplishment to me. Nanowrimo is to blame >.<

Do you love dragons? What about bad boy dragons 😀

I’d love to know! Comment below on your favorite type of hero ❤




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