A Pit Stop

I’ve never heard of water withdrawal but if such a thing exists, I had it recently and this weekend’s trip to San Diego was my fix. I mentioned last week that I’ve been burnt out. I’ve had so much on my plate that in a way, it has all fueled me. Even this trip to the coast felt less like a finish line and more like a pit stop before I place the gear back into fifth.

So where is this boost of energy coming from and how long is it going to last? Beats me and I’d be naive to think it would last forever. For now, my mind is on a mission and even I know it’s best to stay out of its way. That being said, we all know a pit stop every now and then is essential for our wellbeing. My mind may be on a mission but my body, my heart and my family aren’t always in agreement. And yet, we can sometimes be very strong willed. Sometimes we need convincing…

Not enough time? Think about all the time you’ll spend recuperating when you literally wear yourself out.

Don’t know what to do? The beach was what I needed but everyone is different. Yoga and meditation might do the trick or perhaps your looking for a bit of Vegas to wake you up.

Don’t know where to go? Even a staycation can provide much needed rest and reinvigoration. Beyond that, the internet is full of sites offering great deals for travel near and far.

The point is a break–big or small–can do a lot of good. Happy writing this week!

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