Vacation… Here I come!

I’m burnt out, but honestly that seems to be the theme lately. Do more with less. Stretch, stretch, stretch. I’m studying and working and being a mom and studying and working and… you get the gist. In a way, it is interesting to see how focused one can become when they are so busy, but at the same time, you know that there is a timeline, a ticking clock so to speak on your happy productive mode.

So… I’ve planned an impromptu vacation. Is it the best time to take one? No, certainly not (I say this in a British accent as I steal from one of the common lines of one of my son’s bed time books), but then when is it? We are always busy and if we aren’t we create things for ourselves to do because we fell guilty we aren’t doing enough. I’m sure some therapist somewhere is nodding their head and has an explanation for this, but to me, it seems perfectly illogical.

I’ve written blogs before about being busy, needing to slow down, stopping to smell the flowers but do we (or I do it)? No, certainly not. I’m not sure slowing down is in our vocabulary. We need to be productive, we need to do, do, do. Why? The work will be there tomorrow, and the day after and the day after. And next thing we know, our lives have gone by and what do we have to say for ourselves. What are you proud of? Any of those busy bee accomplishments you’ve made? For some of us, I’d say yes but a lot of what we dedicate our time to is not always necessary.

My advice for this week? Be spontaneous, plan a vacation, take some time for you. Happy writing this week!


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