Good Stuff

I’m addicted to Quantum Leap. Now many of you reading that sentence may think I’m talking about some act of science, but I’m actually referring to a show in the late eighties starring an awesome character, Dr. Sam Beckett. The basic premise is that Sam leaps fro person to person, changing the course of their history until perhaps one day he will leap back into himself and be “home.” It’s brilliantly interesting and in watching it, I’m tempted to say something my parents or grandparents might’ve said like, “they just don’t make them like they used to.”

Not true! There are so many good shows out there. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Outlander, Downton Abbey and many more. And I don’t even watch half the amount of television I want to due to a lack of time.

The point is that there is some good stuff-great stuff out there. There is a lot of crappy stuff too, but the good stuff gives me hope. It reminds of why authors write, why artists create. Most of the time, we don’t aim to produce something mediocre. It just may take a few tries or more to get it right.

This past week I also listened to a Freakonomics podcast about deliberate practice and mastery of anything. There were quite a few points made in this podcast, but some that stood out to me were 10,000+ hours of deliberate practice, the watchful guidance of a teacher or mentor and perhaps dedication beyond enjoyment.

I highly doubt we all need to reach this mastery level to produce good stuff. It might not hurt our craft to grow, but when it comes to the artistic, I can’t help but wonder if somewhere in the middle is the ideal spot–enough practice to grow and yet enough freedom for creative license to roam.

Happy writing this week!

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