Ordered Some Books! by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so this got put off a lot longer than it should have been. I finally ordered the last of the books I’ll be bringing to the RTC signing in early May 😀 This will bring the grand total of books I will be giving away to about 110.

That’s a little less than last year, but since I had to put this off for so long, it was too expensive to get more for the moment. Any other tiny bits of swag I want to pick up or make will have to wait until after I get paid.

I also had to rush the print version of Arrangement with a Billionaire, so I know there’s a couple of spots in there that aren’t formatted right. Scene breaks that aren’t centered, and on Chapter Three there’s a heading that shouldn’t be there, but I’m going to just count these as being my Proof copies of the book to be fixed up later for sale. I figure I can get away with this for now since I am giving these books away for free at the signing 🙂

Personally, I can’t wait. The writing goals I have to reach every day to make up for the time I spent in Vegas are starting to take their toll, though, so the sooner April is over, the better.

Which sucks just a little since my birthday is on the 28th, not looking like I’ll be able to do much on that day, but it will be worth it if I can just hit that 7k word count per day.

This is something I know I can do, but the problem comes when I have to do it 10 days in a row. That’s when it gets a little extra hard :S

So, speaking of writing, I need to get back to it. Hopefully by next week, I’ll have had enough time to be able to take proper pictures of my haul from Vegas, because it’s awesome, and maybe answer my emails, since they’d been collecting for a good little while.


Cheers 😉



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