Sometimes Nothing is Something

Gosh, I could have gone so many directions with this title–deciphering the true meaning behind women’s words, understanding that children most likely did something mischievous when they tell you they’ve done nothing, determining what really counts as a big deal. Instead, I wrote this blog over the weekend while it poured rain outside. Not a big deal in most places, but I live in the desert. Rolling gray-blue clouds and the rat-tat-tin of falling rain are rarities out here.

This past weekend, I really was doing “nothing” in a way. I baked and cleaned a bit but nothing strenuous and it felt wonderful. No baby showers or birthday parties. No trips out to eat or to the mall. I can’t tell you how many weekends I come back from where I’m absolutely exhausted. It seems more often than not that this is the type of weekend I’m most likely to have each weekend. So to have a break from this is marvelous and it made me realize that all this nothing really wasn’t nothing but instead it is a therapeutic something. It heals me.

I’m in the midst of studies now so my writing continues to take a back seat on the priority bus–at least for a few more months. But even more than the writing itself, I realize I miss the quietness of thought. I know that sounds strange in that as writers our  thoughts are constantly moving, but thereis a quietness created as one tunes out the rest of the world. A deeply focused concentration. a nothing that is something.

Happy writing this week!

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