I’m in Vegas! by Mandy Rosko

I arrived in Vegas after what felt like hours of flying and waiting around in airports yesterday night. I’m three hours behind my regular schedule, which was weird since I got to go to sleep in my time at about 4 am and wake up on time for Cherry Adair’s all day plot workshop at 10 am Vegas time


I was so proud of myself. Shouldn’t have been, but I was.

I’m hoping to see some familiar faces here. I didn’t bring much of anything to promote myself. Maybe I’ll do that next year because I just wanted to be here as a reader and learn everything I can, hang out with authors, and get lots of books at the book signing.

The Periscope live stream will hopefully go up tomorrow. It was supposed to be tonight, but I got swamped with the edits that needed finishing. I’ll only be on for 10 minutes or so, talking about my awesome plot for Alpha Dragon (it’s coming along nicely), to a bit about how I write and plans for more books, but also a special surprise 😀

I’m going to have to track this author down and get her to sign the books, but I have a couple of hardcovers with me, one brand new, the other older, but still hardcover, and I’ll be giving them away after I get them signed to people on my newsletter and Street Team. I’ll be announcing who this author is on my Periscope live stream tomorrow.

Not too sure when I’ll be able to get on, especially with the time zone difference. My brain is already hurting just thinking about it.

If you’re in Vegas let me know in the comments! If you want to come to RT one day, let me know that, too!


BTW, you can still get a free Paranormal Romance Starter Library by heading on over to mandyrosko.com and signing up for my reader list.

Happy Reading!



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