Your Point of Happy

A couple nights ago, I gave my kids a bubble bath. You would have thought I opened the kingdom doors to candy heaven and I couldn’t help but wonder why most of the people I encounter on a daily basis are so far from this point of happiness.

Now don’t get me wrong, kids are far from happy features all the time and I don’t envy my sons’ teachers in any way. In fact, dropping my eldest off at preschool gives me anxiety simply because it is pure chaos. Still, I truly believe my kids live life to the fullest each day. They are all in at all times.

There is a saying about not taking life too seriously. I never got it as a kid, but as an adult, I get it all too easily. I’m also a “fixer” so that makes life even more complex as my tendency is to want to turn the world right side up, even if it isn’t my job–yes, I do need to exercise a lot of self control.

So where am I going with all this? I guess I’m saying a lot of things and meaning more…don’t take life too seriously, find your point of happy in real life and spend as much time there as possible, choose your battles because life is short and it is more important to be living than fighting unless you are fighting to live and lastly, help those you care about do the same.

Happy writing that week!

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