Love or….Maybe Not

Today I’m going to talk love. Not in how to write about it or why we feel so much but more to revel in how incredibly different we all are in how we interpret and feel love.

Today, a friend of mine had his girlfriend break up with him via text. I know this happens a ton these days because we rely so much on electronic gadgets as a means of communication, but call me a traditionalist or old-fashioned, I think this is an absolutely cowardly thing to do.

So now? Well. He’s heartbroken. The crazy thing is that it has only been a few weeks. My logical mind is asking, “How in love could he be?” And the romantic side of me is reminiscing in the early period with my now husband. We we so crazy in love or so we thought. Only in time did it grow to a deeper feeling that I now believe is a truer version of love. But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps it is all love–just at differing degrees.

I wouldn’t ever call myself logical, but as I listen to all these stories of my co-workers and friends I can’t help but wonder where they meet the people they date. They sound desperate and confused, needy and selfish–and I’m sure I’m not even scratching the surface. It honestly all sounds very scary and admittedly I don’t blame them for being afraid to date let alone open up enough to fall in love. Being on the other side, I have to say it is completely worth it if you can find love.

Happy writing this week and good luck in all ventures of love.

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