Ordered 40 Copies of Alpha for Romancing the Capitol by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so this is take two of this post since for some magical reason the last post didn’t upload and my computer restarted so….yeah.

Anyway! I ordered about 40 print copies of Alpha for RTC in May. I’ll be giving them away as free gifts to readers who sign up for me Reader List 🙂 I still have to order more books, but at this point I think it would be better to wait until pay day to get the rest :S Lol, I keep spending a ton of money on this thing.

So far for the event, I’m going to have buttons, stickers, water bottles and now print books. I’d like to get at least a hundred of them, but we’ll see how that turns out. Copies of As Cold As Ice also seem kind of important. I had the first two books in the series at last year’s convention, so I kind of want to bring this book for this year 🙂

The third book I’ll bring will likely be Arrangement with a Billionaire, since that will be the newest one. Still have to get the spine and back cover ready for it.

If any of you here are going to RTC, let me know! I love meeting readers!

print books


BTW, you can get my Starter Library of Paranormal romances for Free by signing up for my Reader List at this location:   http://mandyrosko.com/contact.php

Happy Reading!



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