Website Troubles, Visiting Mom, and a New Release by Mandy Rosko

I’m at my mom’s house, on her couch typing this, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s also late, but we’re getting in our girl time whenever we can. I haven’t seen my mom in person since last year since work is always a thing and the drive is so long, but I’m glad I’m here. In a couple of days I go to see my dad, so woot!

The only thing really ticking me off lately is my website. It’s been down for a couple of days, and that’s not cool 😡  Gah! I know I wasn’t doing so well with the Facebook ads, but did it have to do that now? Ugh, hopefully it comes back online soon, otherwise I might have my first heart attack early.

On the plus side, Alpha is only a few days out. March 22nd can’t get here fast enough! I shipped the printed proof copies to my mom, and made her wait until I was at her house before we could open them. Lol. She wasn’t too happy with that. I swear it was like talking to a kid wanting to open a present at Christmas. She was never very patient with things she wanted. It’s where I get it from 🙂

print books

They’re smaller books, but with a nice page size. They look big in her hands though, lol.

Happy Reading to you all wherever you might be tonight ❤ Say hi to your moms if you’re able as well 🙂

Grumpily waited for my website to come back,



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