A Backup Plan

A recently watched the movie Bridge of Spies for the second time and it just so happens that I’m in the midst of reading about Insurance in my studies. Admittedly, the material is a bit dry, but at the same time it is interesting—not sure how this is possible or even makes sense but it’s the truth in my opinion. Besides being a big Tom Hanks fan, I loved Bridge of Spies because it seems to add a bit of glamor to the world of insurance. Now while all of us aren’t dealing with international spies on a daily basis, insurance still does play a large amount of importance in our lives. In many ways, it is our backup plan.

Why do we want a backup plan? Well, life is life and it is rarely predictable. We can do all the planning and research in the world and we still may not be able to cover all our bases or necessarily have life turn out how we plan. Having a backup plan doesn’t mean that we are throwing in the towel as far as our plans go, it just means you’re being open to achieving your goals another way (that’s my thought). In fact, I’d say that a lot of these detours to backup plans are part of our individual life journeys.

So the moral of this week’s blog? Have a backup plan, not because it is glamorous or because your original plans are doomed to fail, but because it gives you alternatives, allows you to be flexible and continue the journey. Happy writing folks!

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