Catching Up With The Writing

It seems almost like a never ending loop. I never seem to get enough writing done in the day. Definitely not enough to satisfy me because there’s always so much more that needs to be done. A website that needs to be updated, files that need to be loaded, and then there’s my trusty dog to remind me that he needs to be walked and would like his snack for good behavior.

We have a trade off, me and my dog. He doesn’t chew on the books that I leave on the floor like the sloth that I am, and I will present him with dog cookies and marrow bones as a sign of gratitude. Everyone says cats rule the house, but we all know that dogs reign supreme in that battle 😉

Despite my whining and complaining, there are plenty of times when I get all perky and happy about everything.

Namely when a new cover comes in!

Huzaah! It’s a surprise cover reveal!


God I love this cover. It’s so colorful and pretty, and now I’m writing in a bare chested scene where the hero is wearing loose jeans ❤ God I love the way the blues and teals and reds swirl together. It looks like a galaxy scene

This is going to be my contribution to the Skeleton Key project. I previously called it Mary Sue, which I realized was a stupid title and so I changed it to something that sounds only about a thousand times better 😀 You’ll understand why I nearly made that mistake in the coming weeks.

I just got this cover back from the designer which is why I’m eager to show it off. Have to run and show it off to everyone else now because this is too cool!

The dog agrees by the way 🙂 And he wants me to take him out, so I have to go,



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One Response to Catching Up With The Writing

  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Yes, now I need that book. Sigh on waiting.

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