Why Netflix Binging is Okay by Heather Novak

Let’s be honest. 

Netflix (hulu/amazon prime) is a saucy minx. It sucks you in with the promise of fulfilling your addiction to whatever tv show has caught your eye over and over and over again until there are no more seasons.

I myself got sucked into Heartland, only to discover there are NINE SEASONS! US Netflix only has the first six (#dies). Based on Lauren Brooke’s book series by the same name, the tv show is basically the Canadian cowboy version of Parenthood. And it’s crack.

So why, when I have a trilogy about to hit the shelves and a full length I need done by April, do I think binging on Netflix is a good idea? 

  1. The music is great! I keep finding songs that I can write to, or am currently writing to, that attach certain feelings based on the episode. This allows me to quickly access those feelings when I’m working, just by clicking “play”.
  2. Reward system! I promise myself that if I make my edit goal for the day, I can watch an episode or two as a reward. Trust me, I work harder.
  3. When we fall in love with characters, we have the opportunity to examine why they appeal to us. My being in love with Ty (and who isn’t ?!) helps me understand how to better build my own characters.


    My favorite cowboy – Ty Borden played by Graham Wardle

  4. Me time. We are in this world where working non-stop is considered the only way to be successful, but we need “me time”. Each episode of Heartland gives me 45 minutes of me time to forget about my problems and watch pretty cowboys horses.
  5. Fulfills a need. When I’m knee-deep in edits, I don’t have time to start a book. While there are bigger plot lines at work, typically each episode helps quench my need for a fictional story outside of myself. That’s 45 minutes vs 2-5 hours of reading. 
  6. Portable. Thanks to the power of my iPhone, I can put on an episode and still do laundry and dishes! This makes for a happier house.

See friends? I justified your habit, you’re welcome. Just make sure you use your habit for good. 

On this day in 1931 – The first jazz album to sell a million copies was recorded. It was “Minnie The Moocher” by Cab Calloway.


This one hits close to home. I was a co-host on the international radio show Somewhere In Time, which played big band and theatre organ music for nearly a decade. 

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
Heather Novak
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