Open to Change

“The only constant is change” is a frequently used saying because it is a true saying–that’s my opinion of course. My day job is in corporate America in the convoluted world of finance. It is a fast pace world not only changing at the macro level, but constant change seeps down into the daily details as well.

As a writer, I have found change just as prevalent. Publishers and editors come and go or merge into one. Genres evolve as fans’ tastes due.

My reason for pointing out how prevalent change is, is to emphasize how important it is for us to be open and adaptable. In a way it sounds like common sense and I’m sure many of us believe we are adaptable to change, but each day I see the contrary in the candidates I interview, the employees I coach and the clients I speak to.

Change isn’t always easy. In fact, I believe that sometimes change is more difficult than staying constant. Why? Because we get comfortable or fear what could happen. Sometimes we aim to evolve but remain unable or even paralyzed from doing so. Time passes faster than we realize and then come the questions, what if,what if…

So what is the risk if we are open to change? The truth is that risk may vary and in some instances we will never know its potential. But at the same time, I could ask what is the risk of not being open to the change our minds ponder? To me, the possibilities and risks are endless. We could miss out on our full potential or even once in a lifetime opportunities. I realize this sounds a bit dramatic, but as someone who has spent a great deal of time thinking about this, I believe the risk is worth a shot at the extraordinary.

Food for thought… And of course, happy writing this week!

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