Giving Away A Kindle Paperwhite by Mandy Rosko

Hey guys! So, I figured that since the release of Alpha was right around the corner and I wanted to celebrate as much as possible, I’m going to be giving away a Kindle Paperwhite!

What? No way!

Yes way. Lol. Here’s the link where you can go to put your entry in:

Now I am working on a small surprise at the end of the contest just to make sure everyone who tried to win gets a little something 😉 I’m hoping that the winner is a romance reader since that’s my genre, but this is open to all fans of all genres and all countries where legal. Still working on the details for the smaller prizes, what it or they will be, and on how I’ll be handing those out and to who, but I’m pretty excited for that 😀

On another fun note, I picked up a copy of Vellum. It’s expensive in Canada! Lol, but worth it. I can say that and I’ve only ever used the program once. It’s amazing. The ebooks that come out of that are beautiful. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use it and now everything is up and running like it should be. I might even tweak a few things just because it was so easy, too 😀

I’ll be sending out the ARCs I made with the program to my Rosko Romance Reading Team soon enough so they can have the book read and their reviews up in time for release.

The contest for the kindle is open until Alpha’s release day on March 22, so you have about three weeks to get as many entries as you can!

Good luck!

USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy Rosko

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