Why Are Editors Great? Thank you, Cheryl!

Why does an author need an editor?  While it is true in the world of self-publishing that an author can do everything themselves, should they?  For everyone working to make the transition from aspiring writer to published author, you need another set of eyes on your work. You need to have someone else check your plot line to make sure your story makes sense. An editor is necessary to line edit looking for spelling and grammar errors. Are some of your sentences in the wrong place or not make sense. A good editor or editors prevent authors from looking foolish in front of the world.

Another point on editing concerns using words and phrases outside your own language. Make sure you find a person who speaks that language. In that way, you can be sure that you are saying what you truly mean.  You want to avoid serious faux pas.

The editor at my publishing house recently sent me edits, and I’m working on them for my new novel. What does she say about me? I need to reduce my use of that and other certain words, clean clutter, fix dialogue tags, make passive writing active, and always be sure of whose head you’re in. When you’re writing about characters who can read each others’ minds, you have to be clear.

When I told a friend of mine about the edits, he was dismayed. I said, “No, it’s wonderful. It means my publisher and editor believe in me.” I’m glad to do edits to make the book shine when it’s published.  Too many times when I self-edit, I miss things because my brain fills in the story. Thank you, Cheryl. I’m working on them, and I pay attention to your every word.

If you are self or indie-publishing your book, you’ll want to check out the reputations of editors and hire a good one.  I know your story is important to you, and you want to do it right. Even the best self-editors, even those who professionally edit for others, need the service of another editor for their own books.  You can’t beat another a pair of eyes!

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3 Responses to Why Are Editors Great? Thank you, Cheryl!

  1. BookPup says:

    Agree. New authors take note of what Susan has written, an editor is really a must. Line editing less so in our opinion, but the rest, voice, crutch phrases, word overuse, plot, scene flow, if a series the books ability to stand alone are very important and where we feel an editors expertise provides the most value.

    One additional recommendation we feel should be mentioned, is that your editor should be versed in the genre of book you are writing and even better if they are fond of the genre personally for their personal reading. If they love your story, they are usually even more motivated to make sure to help you get it right.

  2. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Thank you, BookPup!

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