Pure Luck

I just spent this last weekend in Las Vegas and I have to say I’ve never been a believer of luck or if I have, it has been more of the thought that we create our own look, make our own destinies. This has not been my first time to Vegas and while my overall view has not changed completely, it has evolved with what I’d like to think is age and wisdom. Or perhaps we as adults tend to make things too complex!

I do still believe we influence our own destinies and how we think and see the world has a great impact on what we get out of each day. Honestly, that is why I try to keep a positive spin on my blogs. I’m an optimist most of the time but that hasn’t been without struggle. I do know how it feels to be consumed by negativity or how easy it is to spiral downward without seeing an easy way out. And as corny as it sounds, it really is up to each of us to pull ourselves out of it—even if that means with a bit of outside help.

So back to this luck thing. No, I did not win the jackpot while there, but I would say I now have an acceptance of luck as just a necessary part of life. While I haven’t been lucky in Vegas, I would say that overall, fortune has been on my side and I have a lot I am thankful for. It may not be pure luck, but I would definitely say there is a time and place for everything and luck may have something to do with it. WE have a lot to do with the rest.

Happy writing this week!



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