Getting Ready to Play with Vellum Software by Mandy Rosko

Since everyone I know or have been talking to as a writer is gushing about how amazing Vellum is, I’ve decided to take the expensive plunge and buy the the full version. I’m bitching about how expensive it is, but really, it will ultimately be the cheaper option since I’m planning on formatting numerous books over the course of my career, and I have two books that will need to be formatted next month.

I’m a little excited! There was only a small snag, the program seemed to crash when I tried to buy the full version and I needed to force quit, but I’ll be trying again later today. The first book I have plans to format will be Alpha, the first in my Alpha Bites series, which will be awesome since then all the rest that come out will also be formatted nicely with the rest of the series. I won’t have to worry about one not looking the same as the other. They’ll all be pretty 😀

The only thing I wish it did was format for print as well, but hopefully that will be in a future update. Messing with the software even before unlocking it was fun. It was super fun and easy seeing how nice everything looked. I felt all professional. It was stunning and weird at the same time.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that the next time I try to unlock it that it goes through.The guys on my ARC team will be getting a copy formatted with this software 😀




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