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You asked about wine!Friends, I am SO excited to have contemporary romance author and friend Aria Glazki on Wine Time today! Aria writes the kind of stories that make your heart sit up and take notice. Aria has come prepared with her lovely wine collection, so grab a glass (read: bottle) of wine and join me for one awesome Wine Time!

Aria, thank you for appearing on Nights of Passion! Can you tell us about yourself?

No backgroundI should probably start off by saying I’m terrible at talking about myself! Let’s see: I’m an immigrant, from Russia; I’m the youngest of three girls; I grew up in California, but moved to the Boston area for school, then to France for a little while, and then back to California so I could be close to my family; I’ve written three full novels, and am working on my fourth; I am the absolute worst at marketing, so I spend a lot of time trying to work on that…

And I wasn’t kidding about being bad at this, so if people want to ask me specific questions in the comments, please feel free! I’ll do my best to answer them all.

Can you tell us about your book Mending Heartstrings, (which I loved by the way!)?

Mending Heartstrings Summary: 

Kane’s a country singer who’s tangled with too many deceitful women. He’s learned his lesson: girls are for flirting and fun; emotions are for his music. But after spending a night with an earnest woman unlike any he’s known, he can’t force her ouMending Heartstrings cover smallt of his mind. So he goes in search of the woman he knows only as “Elle.”

On her last night in Nashville, the staunchly pragmatic Sabella found herself in a situation more suited to a romance novel than reality. Swept away, she ignored her rigidly self-imposed rules, succumbing to the fantasy just this once. But she knows real-world relationships have nothing in common with their fictionalized portrayals. When Kane unexpectedly shows up at her Portland apartment, she must choose between the practical truths she has learned and the desire for a passionate love she has struggled to suppress.

Despite the distance, Kane’s tour schedule, and their meddling friends, both are drawn to the chance for a romance neither quite believes is possible.

 Mending Heartstrings is the first novel I ever finished writing. It’s the story that took me from having given up on my writing to becoming an author, so it will always hold a particularly special place in my heart.

This story is really about two people who both have reasons to avoid relationships, especially spontaneous ones, who still can’t deny the connection they feel during one lovely night together. But of course, they have to reconcile that interest with obstacles like living thousands of miles away and with their own trepidation, their pasts. So they each have to make the choice—do they even try, do they put in the effort, or do they simply give in to reality, to being practical?

And this is a choice many of us have to make when we first meet someone who interests us: are they worth the effort, and the potential of ending up hurt?

You can pick up your own copy of Mending Heartstrings here


I loved this book! I was so glad to be on a plane when I started it so I didn’t have to stop for hours. How did you think up this book?

Yay!! Thanks, Heather! I never get tired of hearing comments like that 😀

The idea grew mostly out of my discovering a number of country songs that I like, even though previously I would have had no problem saying, “I hate country music.” And taking someone from that perspective, someone who is just starting to dabble in the genre, then putting her together with a country singer—how would that work? Would she be able to handle frequently listening to country music, like she would need to, to be supportive of him? How would he feel about her not liking his genre? And for that matter, how would they even meet?

Those questions and more started me thinking, piecing together who these characters would need to be, how they could ever come together, and then one day that turned into the first conversation Sabella and Kane have. That brought more questions, and then eventually I had to listen to the impulse to sit down and give these two their full story.


Where is your favorite place to write (ex. Coffee shop, couch, office?)

Any soft surface with good back support, really. All I need is to be comfortable, have my laptop & charger, headphones if I’m not in a private place, and of course an idea. I break the “rules” of working from home and write from my bed all the time.


 Do you prefer soccer or hockey? Beer or wine? 

Hockey and wine, since you’re making me choose. Though really, I’m good with soccer and beer too haha. And (blasphemy?), I don’t actually watch either sport.


This book deals with music, which I love. What are some of your favorite songs to write to?

You know, my writing “playlist” changes with each story, and not necessarily to something related to the work. For Mending Heartstrings, it was predominately country music, of course, including many songs from the TV show Nashville (don’t judge!). For my latest project, it’s Notre Dame de Paris the musical—I have no idea why, though of course the music there is gorgeous. I went through an entire phase in university where the easiest way for me to focus on studying was to turn on the movie Rent; again, who knows why? I’m weird that way, I guess. 😉

(For the record, I LOVE Nashville and can pretty much recite every line from Rent!)


Who was the inspiration for your hero?

There isn’t really one “who.” Kane is an amalgamation of some core traits, like his protectiveness and chivalry; and some dreamy traits, like knowing how to cook super well, or of course playing guitar; and some realistic, humanizing pieces—like his tendency to jump to conclusions.


If you had to give up chocolate or coffee to save the world, would you do it? And which one?

Coffee. No problem. (Should I mention that I don’t drink it anyway? I’m allergic…)


Who are some authors you love to read when you find time?

I definitely have some big go-to authors, like Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Kleypas, and Laurell K Hamilton, or of course classical authors (from Shakespeare to Jane Austen). But I try to throw in books from newer authors I meet along the way as well, and often their new releases will take priority for pleasure reading—it’s so important for all of us to support each other!

 What is up next for you?

Good question, haha. The follow-up story to Mending Heartstrings is finished, so I’m working on figuring out that book’s path to publication. The last couple of stories I’ve started to write have still been focused on people coming together, on the role and hardship of romantic relationships in our lives, but they can’t strictly speaking be called romances, so I’m not sure if or when those will make it out into the world. I also have a few more characters from the world of Mending Heartstrings whom I’d like to revisit in future stories.

The closest answer I could give you is probably that I’m going to keep working, and seeing where life takes me, and hopefully along the way readers will enjoy what I’ve written!

Thank you! ~Aria




On this day in 1974 – KISS released their first album “KISS.”

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  1. Aria Glazki says:

    Thanks so much for having me, Heather! Great chatting with you 😀

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